Automotive Tints.

If the windows of your car weren’t tinted from the factory, we can supply and install a range of window tint products that will provide you with the performance you require. Upgrade your car today by visiting our specially equipped tint shop and we will transform the way you enjoy your car.

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The Ultimate Car Tint in Fareham.

Car window tinting is an accessible way to improve the appearance of your vehicle whilst at the same time improve the levels of comfort for you and your occupants. 


Window tints not only provide additional security by making it difficult to see inside of your vehicle but will also reduce solar gain too, making the interior of your vehicle cooler in harsh sunlight.

High Quality Tinted Glass.

There are several different levels of tinted glass available, allowing you to customise both the external appearance of your windows in addition to being able to fine tune the amount of light that is able to enter the cabin. If you have ever struggled with glare from the sun or excessive interior temperatures during summer, car window tinting is for you.

We only supply and install legal levels of tint ensuring that you are able to enjoy your vehicle in full compliance with the law. Whether you prefer the privacy of a limo black tint or the increased UV protection from a light smoke tint, to contact us today for high quality window tint in Fareham.

Great reasons to tint your vehicle:

Reduces glare
Reduces UV rays
Increases privacy
Enhances the look of your vehicle
5 year warranty

We have a variety of window tint shades for you to choose from.