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From anti-shatter to bomb blast and solar control films, we offer a range of glazing safety solutions.

Solar Control Film


Our customer had a large conservatory, which was becoming unbearably hot during warm weather. This meant they could not use the room comfortably, even on days when it wasn’t ridiculously hot!


We recommended an application of Llumar R20 window film to reflect the infrared light rays that are the cause of solar heat gain.


The level of tint is noticeable, but not too obtrusive. An R20 film, like this one, can be expected to reduce the difference in temperature between the outside and inside by as much as 75%, reduce glare by 80% while also blocking 99.9% of UV rays.


So our customer will actually be able to get some use out of their conservatory, even in the summer!

Before Tinting
MVM Window Tinting

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